Crimson Spires

In the upcoming game Crimson Spires by Woodsy Studios, you can hear me as the voice of Bradley Jones. In development now. 


Scheming through the Zombie Apocalypse

You can hear me as Barney and Earl the bulls, the sheep, the racoon, Carl the parrot, the dog, and the frog in Scheming through the Zombie Apocalypse. Available now on Steam.

Bradley Jones.jpg

My Time at Portia

In My Time at Portia, you can hear me as Ryder. Currently out on Steam and always getting new content. 


In Aquadine, you can hear me as Charles, Cho, and Mr. Crowley. Coming soon, play the demo now. 

Apsulov End of Gods

In Apsulov you can hear me in one of the audio logs.

Scheming Through the Zombie Apocalypse Episode 2

Scheming is getting a sequel, I'll be returning as several characters from the first game and a few new ones. Coming late 2020

Edge of Eternity.png

Edge of Eternity

In Edge of Eternity you can hear me as Alpharius and Ordo. Now in Beta. 


In Ruggnar you can hear me as Ruggnar, the merchant, and the first boss. Wishlist now on steam.